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Magic. I'm aboard - A unique perspective on creativity

Let me talk about magic in this creative world of writing, I have devoted almost my entire lifetime.

To begin with, the idea established itself in my head while I was occupied re-reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.
Each time I read that book, I find some new thought transcending, a divine feeling towards creativity and commitment it calls for. Surreal energy making me write and motive me to continue on this path. Ideas too, have an energy and a will, to manifest, so they travel. They travel and pay visits to humans, who could manifest them as actual.
According to Ruth Stone — 
“Ideas are entering and exiting the human consciousness at whim”
I experienced an idea knocking at my door, waiting to be manifested, and left empty-handed!

Allow me to explain.
As I was scanning through Medium on a gloomy Wednesday morning, I stumbled upon a published article, an idea, which had knocked on my door about 8–9 months ago. Maybe as Liz says in the book, the idea waits only for a certain time, a…