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So.....I got published as a writer in Spillwords

Photo by Marcos Paulo Prado on Unsplash It’s published. My writing has been published. I have only published in Medium publications , Pratilipi and my blog site  so far. This seems like the first logically step. I’m finally published in a publication site today on 10 April 2020, in Spillwords  here . I’m trying not to freak out since yesterday, but honestly, it is hard, not clear your mind off something when it is something you have always wanted and it is a surreal feeling. I woke up earlier than usual today. I was getting published at 11 am my time (IST). I could not ward off the thoughts in my head, or suppress the excitement and anxiety I was experiencing. Dream. We all grow up dreaming – to become a teacher, an astronaut, a doctor. I secretly dreamt of being a writer for the longest time, one day, someday. It was hidden deep inside, no one had a whiff of it. I always loved writing. For two decades I have written, in my journals and it has only been a year
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From the Dragon's Mouth: 10 True Stories that Unveil the Real China

Source: Shweta's Phone Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash Title : From the Dragon's Mouth Language:  English Genre: Non-fiction Pages:  288 Rating : 4/5 Excerpt: Fuentes spent a few years living and working in China as an international journalist. The 10 short stories are portraits of citizens of the country she met during her stay.  The book is a panoramic view into the psyche of the people, circumventing censoring authorities, about Chinese culture, history since the Chinese Cultural Revolution, etc. The book project began with a series of interviews with the locals Fuentes takes on. They talk about family, power, and the rest of the world; what makes them who they are; why they live in a dictatorship & why they are anarchic.  My Thoughts : The book is an eye-opener to a world unknown to us, proving how fact reads better than fiction, claiming my attention for reading non-fiction yet another time. The book is an intimate sneak peek into China through the eyes of its people

Off the Traveler's Track

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash In the time before Great Pandemic in 2020, I was a frequent traveller. I received my first passport stamp back in 2016 To Europe and before 2016 my travel dominated in exploring my country in domestic travel.  I recently finished reading Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert. It was a trip down the memory lane on how it felt like to travel endlessly. Much of the book is an insight & fact-based research on trying to make sense of marriage while on exile from her own country with her lover Filipe. They lived as a nomad moving from one hotel to another, one city to another. They did miss their real life, in a home, a stationary home. Travel and real-life give rise to a potent realization. The book is good, insightful & heavy on research than personal essays.  I took thousands of pictures in varying locales over the years. It is a bliss, a ticket to the past, as I was conjuring up potent remembrances. Yet countless other photos are mere background noise,

Droplets of Magic - A poem

Photo by Philippe Tarbouriech on Unsplash The speedy winds Whistling through the leaves There is no echo but only  Psithurism and nothing before it rains Thick dark clouds blanket the Light blue sky Waiting to weigh down on us Spurt out nothing but rain Sitting by the door, with a book in my hands Smelling the petrichor come through Pages soaking up the mist sprayed Curling in nothing by natures love upon us As it continues to rain, the nature bellows Making us verve & dreamy, comfortable & gleamy Seeking coverture in the comfort of homes  As we wait for the tumid clouds to pour love upon us!  © Shweta , 2020. All Rights Reserved.

Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert — Book Review

Source                Title : Committed By Elizabeth Gilbert Language: English Genre: Research-backed Memoir Pages: 320 Rating : 3/5 Excerpt: This book captures the writer's life after she sets off her life after the " Eat Pray Love " comes to an end, the solo journey she took to find herself. Towards the end of this self-reflecting journey, she meets a Brazilain man, Felipe, she falls in love with & they have their seismic rhythms all tuned in to the frequency that works for both of them. But their rhythm was soon hit by a turmoil. The American governm ent  Department of Homeland Security officer  detains Felipe for violating the visa rules. The book captures the "exile" and  uses the experience as a point of departure for delving on different aspects of marriage.    the time and  great detail of  socio-historical aspects of "Marriage" in various cultures &  of  a lso the journey they both lived as they figure out an arrangement that is satisf

A Decade Gone by  — A Short Story

Photo by  Brad Fickeisen  on  Unsplash There was a house at the end of a road, it was an abandoned old house. The house was small by the local standards; two rooms and two bathrooms, a single entrance, with two doors opening inwards. This is what spooked people the most. Any space with one entrance also means only one exit. The overgrown branches of the trees planted at the entrance covered the door as if it was warning me to stay out. I passed the streets, I wasn’t heading for home, but for an old place, everyone believed haunted. I felt drawn to it, to explore the place. So I pulled the branches without sweat and made way into the old house. I opened the door. It made creaking noise as every abandoned house did and then slammed shut behind me. I tried to convince myself it was “the wind”. The windows of the empty house were oversize. The glass panes divided into many parts like the many compartments in a beehive. Tales handed down from various generations in this town spread across n

Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert — Book Review

Source Title : Eat, Pray, Love By Elizabeth Gilbert Language: English Genre: Spiritual Memoir Pages: 352 Rating : 5/5  💗 Excerpt:  The Bhagavad Gita, ancient Indian Yogic text--says that it is better to live your own destiny imperfectly than to live an imitation of somebody else's life with perfection. Some days are meant to be counted, others are meant to be weighed. The title of the book three words correspond to the book's three sections. The author takes a solo journey of self-reflection after a nasty divorce. The journey  thoroughly explores one aspect of herself set against the backdrop of each country, in a place that has traditionally done well. Explore the art of pleasure - living to the fullest, eating & mere being alive in any way possible in Italy, the art of devotion - living spiritually, disciplined & dedicated in India and, in Indonesia, the art of balancing the two aspects of life pleasure & spirituality.  Gilbert lived consecutively in three differ

Tropical Summers: Mini essays series (2)

Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash It was summer in the capital city of India! Tropical summers driving us languorous are the worst to endure. The sun feels burning close enough here than any other place I have been. It fits the description perfectly — scorching heat, sun shining in full blast, and I wish we could tune it down. Without air conditioning, you would wake up sweaty, went to bed sweaty, go to the shower sweaty, come out of shower sweaty, and your clothes always wet with your sweat and the pungent odour to accompany you everywhere you are heading to. It is horrible and unpleasant to live in this tropical summer. How many would wish to use this heat to keep them warm in the colder countries, but here the heat is being so cruel to us.  In this heat, even the trees appear defeated. Leaves that should be firm and upward tilting droop, flaccid as an old leaf. The soil is simply arid & dry, to touch. Wonder how the plants stand tall against the sun. It is the usual warmth we ha